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Sales can transform your sales function improving customer relationship

Key Focus Areas :

  • Order Management
  • Customer Support
  • Sales Management
  • Field Sales Support
  • Sales Forecasting

Marketing can transform your marketing function improving customer acquisition and retention.

Key Focus Areas :

  • Instant & 24X7 Response
  • Conversion of Contact into lead
  • Brand Mention & Monitoring
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Personalized Communication
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purchase-platform-Key-Focus - ERPBot

Purchase can transform your purchase function improving on-time delivery and stock management

Key Focus Areas :

  • Avoid Stock Out
  • Manage Lead Time
  • PO follow up
  • Approve PO

Finance can transform your finance function improving collection and expense monitoring.

Key Focus Areas :

  • AR Collection
  • Cash & Payable Management
  • Expenses Review and Approval
  • Budget Vs Actual Management
  • KPI Monitoring
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Human-resource-service-Key-Focus - ERPBot

HR can transform your human resource function improving employee satisfaction & retention

Key Focus Areas :

  • Recruitment Assistance
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Record Management
  • Payroll Support
  • Timesheet Management

IT Helpdesk can transform your IT helpdesk function improving employee engagement.

Key Focus Areas :

  • Access Control Management
  • Incident Tracking & Status update
  • Equipment/Asset Administration
  • Communication Management
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business management-service-Key-Focus - ERPBot

General Management can transform your general management function improving management oversight

Key Focus Areas :

  • Business Unit PL Monitoring
  • Budget Vs Actual Management
  • Key Performance Indicator Monitoring
  • Proactive Message Dissemination


With, maximize the operational efficiency across the board and optimize your workforce smartly.

Key Focus Areas :

  • Voice or Chat Search Stock Level
  • Get chat alerts for Stock Out
  • Voice or Chat to make purchase for re-ordering
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