Action Task - ERPBot

Action Task

When your task will perform an action like booking an order, approving a purchase order, then its Action Task

alert Task - ERPBot

Alert task

When information provided can only provide timely notification, then its Alert Task.

Artificial Intelligence - ERPBot

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Development of various computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human-like intelligence, like decision making, speech recognition and understanding, translation between languages, and more is AI.

Chatbot - ERPBot

Bots (also see Chatbot)

Short for a computer program that acts as an intelligent intermediary between people, digital systems, and Internet-enabled things

Bot Framework

A framework is a skeleton that provides some basic building blocks and generic functionality for building chatbots (like ML/ NLP or a Dialog Builder) which is just a skeleton. It now and needs additional user-written code or other third-party services (to match the functionality of an actual platform).

channel - ERPBot


Channels are various communication platforms using which the bot delivers and receives messages from the users. Some examples of channel are SMS, email, mobile apps, websites, messaging apps and more

chatbot - ERPBot


Short for a computer program that acts as an intelligent intermediary between people, digital systems, and Internet-enabled things.

Conversational commerce - ERPBot

Conversational Commerce

A term which is another way of describing how digital economies will be driven by text and voice based interfaces and experiences.

Conversational UI - ERPBot

Conversational UI

The best way to showcase what a text and voice-based interface is that it does not require any graphical element to process; some of the examples are Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa.

Deep Learning - ERPBot

Deep learning

An area of Machine Learning that is based on learning data representations as opposed to task specific algorithms.

Intent -ERPBot


The few essential words that describe what the user wants the chatbot to do, usually a verb and a noun such as: “Book” a movie, “Change” Shipping Address.

Information Task - ERPBot

Information task

Information tasks find and fetch data or can create reports on specific variables and create easy to view and understand results that are accessible for users.

dialog task - ERPBot

Dialog task

Dialog tasks are pre-established tasks that the developers' code using logic-driven business processes. Once the bot completes the original request to complete the task at hand, it then stops at nothing to execute sub-intents and additional workflows.

cognitive service - ERPBot

Cognitive Services

A separate collection of APIs, SDKs, and services (that run on significant cloud infrastructures) that the developers will use to build knowledge/intelligence to construct apps or chatbots which can use AI capabilities.


Live agent handoff

The ability to move the conversation seamlessly from any channel and hand it off to the company representative. This function is especially useful for areas like service and support.

  • Machine Learning

    Using algorithms, patterns, and training data, machine learning allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed.

  • Natural Language (NL)

    The method by which everyday language like text and speech can be used to talk to programs.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    The process by which any system or application understands and processes requests in either text or speech, unlike programming language.

  • Neural networks

    A virtual computer system created as a replica of the human brain and its nervous system.

  • Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)

    Tools to automate time-consuming manual work with rule-based workflows for administrative work.

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